What Lockdown Made Me Realise About CrossFit

To provide a bit of context; I would normally go to CrossFit classes 6 days a week. When we went into lockdown I had enough equipment to have a really good workout and I thought lockdown wouldn’t be too bad for maintaining my fitness and staying healthy.

Wow! Was I wrong! I ended up putting on 5kg’s and losing a lot of fitness. Since getting back into the gym, it has made me reflect and rethink why lockdown was so difficult to maintain a workout routine and what CrossFit means to me.

The biggest impact for me was the distractions and the lack of routine. In a normal situation I would go to the gym six times a week and if I missed a class, one of my CrossFit mates would text me and ask me where I was.

For someone that doesn’t do CrossFit, they might think lockdown just meant missing a few training sessions and losing a bit of Fitness.

For me as a CrossFitter it was so much more. Yes CrossFit is a great way to get fit and healthy, test your limits and push yourself, challenge yourself in ways you never have before and be competitive with yourself and those around you. It’s also about following programming that develops and improves your skills and techniques in varied functional movements. But for me, not being able to get to my CrossFit box meant I was missing the best part of my day. No matter how good or bad my day is as soon as I walk into H1 CrossFit I feel energised and a huge sense of positivity. It’s the emotional connections to friends that I now consider my second family. It’s watching a guy who didn’t think he could skip being able to do 15 skips by the end of the class and celebrating that with him. It’s giving it everything I have got in a workout and being surrounded by people that are doing the same. It’s being cheered on to give it my absolute best by people who want the best for me. It’s watching a woman do a pullup after working at it week in and week out for three months until they got there. Its walking around high fiving my mates after the workout to say no matter what weight or what version of this workout you just did, we gave it our all and you have my utmost respect. And then its hanging out with good people after the workout just having a yarn. Above all it’s leaving H1 CrossFit feeling like a better, happier, healthier version of myself.

Needless to say post lockdown, being back into the routine of six days a week at H1 CrossFit. I am definitely a person of routine and loving being back!

William Moss – Co-Owner, H1 CrossFit

H1 CrossFit Silverdale Gym

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  1. Rob and Glynis Moss Reply

    Very inspiring, well said! Xoxoxoxo

  2. GB Reply

    Love it Mossy! Looks like you’re having a great time with life. Keep on keeping on mate!

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