The Beauty of CrossFit

I definitely fell in love with CrossFit hard and fast, the type of love that you never expected, wasn’t sure if you wanted and now can’t ever imagine your life without.

I initially started CrossFit as a means to lose weight and try get in shape. It didn’t take me too long to realise that CrossFit was SO much more! After only one month of CrossFit my mindset had completely changed. I went from going to the gym to get in shape, to going to the gym to see what my body could do. I was no longer as concerned about what I saw in the mirror. Instead I was beginning to care far more about how I could be more efficient in my movement, how much faster I could complete a workout, how much weight I pick up and put down and when I could next go onto the rig and work on my technique for all these new movements!

CrossFit is changing the way that women in particular see themselves and it is giving us a space to be truly successful and unapologetically US. It is a space in which we can lift HEAVY weights without feeling lost, uncomfortable, or judged. It is a community where everyone of every skill level will be celebrated for their achievements, if it’s your first push up, or your first muscle up, the celebration is the same.

I believe that to be truly successful, you need to be in an environment where you feel the most yourself, and supported in your goals. For me that is CrossFit… 100%. Why? Because when I go into the gym every day and choose to do something hard, I suffer, and it’s my workout. But you’re not alone… you’re with a group of people who also are putting in the hard work, and together we are better.

I will forever be grateful for CrossFit and what it has done for my body positivity and how I can now celebrate my body for what it does, and not be concerned about what it looks like. My biggest dilemma is now finding the right balance between being heavy enough to lift BIG GUUURL weights, and also being agile enough to get on the rig and perform pull-ups, muscle ups, and find some speed in my burpees. HOW EPIC IS THAT?

The number on the scale is not important. It never was.

I get to help other women every damn day work hard in the gym sure, but most importantly I get to help them realise that our bodies are truly amazing, right now, in this moment, AMAZING! That by coming in everyday and doing that hard thing (whatever it may be, cause it’s different in CrossFit everyday), you will learn to love and celebrate your body.

Dani Ford –  – Coach & Co-Owner, H1 CrossFit

Female CrossFitter Muscle Up H1 CrossFit Silverdale Auckland
Female CrossFitter Squat Snatch H1 CrossFit Silverdale Auckland
Female CrossFitter Clean H1 CrossFit Silverdale Auckland
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