About Us

H1 CrossFit is a place that not only improves our members health but makes them feel emotionally great too. For us it’s about providing an environment where our members are not only bettering themselves and their bodies by stepping in the door, but they are surrounded by a like-minded, positive and supportive community. This positivity and wellbeing should make day to day life more fun and meaningful.

who are we

There is a place at H1 CrossFit for both competitive athletes and the athlete who wants to come in, have fun and get fitter and healthier and happier each time they show up. We believe in creating a space in which you can be successful, time and time again. H1 CrossFit is a place that people can call home and our members are people you can call family.

our mission

To improve our members lives through:

  • A premium quality health and fitness program 
  • Professional, high level coaching
  • Community, support and accountability

What we do

CrossFit is a training methodology which becomes a lifestyle. Utilising constantly varied, functional movements to accomplish your goals – whether they be high performance in sport and fitness or better health and wellness in every day life. Physical training and good nutrition form the foundation of the program. CrossFit works for everyone, young and old, those who are just starting out and people who have trained for years.

Our Team

For us, CrossFit is a lifestyle choice which mentally and physically improves our wellbeing, with the added benefit of being able to share the journey with a community of like-minded people.


Coach / Owner

Lynette Theron Moss

Lynette is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. She is our Manager and a Coach at H1CF and has been coaching CrossFit since the beginning of 2018. Lynette is a qualified nutritionist with experience in supporting both athletes and those just starting out with their nutritional goals. She is also a professional Leadership Development Coach & Executive Coach.

H1 CrossFit Coach Dilin


Coach / Owner

Dilin Van De Sandt

Dilin has been doing CrossFit since 2012 and has a keen interest in seeing people develop, progress and improve both physically and mentally. 
Dilin has a sporting background in football, tennis, cricket, rugby and squash.


Coach / Owner

Dani Ford

Dani is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.
She has a background in coaching kite surfing and stand up paddleboarding in New Zealand, Australia and Rarotonga and has been coaching CrossFit since 2018. Dani also competes at a high level in surf boat racing, rock climbing and kite surfing. 


Coach / Owner

Jen Kinsella

Jen is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.
She has a special interest in coaching ladies and mums. Jen has a passion in helping women in not only increasing their strength and fitness but also improving their self esteem and emotional health through CrossFit.

H1 CrossFit Coach Tuake Bishop Tani (BJ)



Tuake Bishop Tani (BJ)

BJ coaches specialist Olympic Lifting at H1 CrossFit. BJ has been involved in CrossFit since 2014 and specialising in Olympic lifting since 2016.

BJ’s sees his passion, to develop lifting, for both others and himself, as an endless journey.


Assistant Coach

Ruben Esterhuyse

Ruben is a qualified physiotherapist with a passion for exercise based rehabilitation. With a background in competitive rugby he was introduced to CrossFit and chose to focus his competitive aspirations around CrossFit.
Ruben is currently working towards his CFL1 Certification where he will use his skills and background to help members become fitter & healthier.



Will Moss

Will has a passion for people, community and sport. Will plays a key role in our member support and integration. He has been doing CrossFit since 2017 and has a sporting background in tennis, hockey, squash, rugby, cricket, windsurfing and sailing



Cynthia Van de Sandt

As a full time working Mum, Cynthia has her hands full but still makes time for her personal fitness and health. Cynthia’s fitness background includes; club tennis, netball, swimming and she was involved with CrossFit before her first child was born.

Doug H1 CrossFit



Doug Kinsella

Doug has been doing CrossFit since 2007, he started in order to maintain his fitness as a firefighter and competes in firefighter combat challenge events.  Doug has held leadership positions in the New Zealand Navy, New Zealand Fire Service and Operations Management. He oversees the equipment and maintenance at H1 CrossFit and ensures the safe running of the gym.