H1 CrossFit
½ marathon,
10km & 5Km

Saturday, 26 November 2022

H1Crossfit Run


All three distances start at H1 CrossFit in from of the gym. Please note that we will start exactly on time. Please make sure you arrive ahead of time to be ready for your chosen distance start time.

  • 7:00am: ½ Marathon
  • 7:30am: 10km
  • 7:45am: 5km


Please be aware that there will not be any marshalls on the course, there will be signs but please make sure you are familiar with where you are going using the maps and directions below and ask any questions ahead of time.


The 10km and 21km will pass a water fountain at the Orewa Estuary Art Centre on the way out and back. There is also a water fountain on Kath Hopper drive that the ½ Marathon will pass on the way out and back. We will have water in a chilly bin at the end of Highgate Parkway for the 21km runners.


21km START: 7:00am

  • There are no marshalls on the course but you can look out for signs with directions.
  • Starting at the carpark at H1 CrossFit you will run down Keith Hay Court to Silverdale Street and turn right onto Silverdale street.
  • Run up towards the mall, past coffee club, past the mall down to the circle. At the circle turn left onto Millwater Parkway and run round past the cows towards Millwater Park.
  • At the lights at Silverdale School and the Millwater Shops, turn right into Longmore Lane and run down to the bridge to the estuary walkway.
  • Follow the estuary walkway, go over the main Orewa bridge.
  • There is a water fountain at the toilets at the Arts Centre just on the other side of the main bridge if you need water.
  • Keep on the estuary walkway past Orewa College, you will get to the 10km route turn around point and there will be a chilly bin there with water.
  • Carry on past this all the way around to the other side where you will cross over the bridge and come out on Arran Point Parade.
  • Turn right onto Arran Point Parade and run along the Orewa River until you get to the circle at Arran Drive.
  • Turn left onto Arran Drive and run down to Millwater Parkway.
  • At the circle turn right and run along Millwater Parkway towards Mighty Ape.
  • Carry on straight where Millwater Parkway becomes Highgate Parkway and run past the BP and Mighty Ape all the way to the end.
  • Turn left onto Waterloo Road up to Emirali Road (first left) down Emirali Road where you can check out the building where H1 first started at number 3.
  • Run down Emirali Road to Colin Chester Dr, turn left onto Colin Chester Dr and run back down to Highgate Parkway. Turn right onto Highgate Parkway and run back past Mighty Ape and the BP.
  • From here, continue back the exact same way you came. 
  • Run all the way down Wainui Road back down to Millwater Parkway, turn right onto Millwater Parkway and run back the way you came back up Arran Drive to the circle and along Arran Point Parade back over the little bridge and back exactly the way you came – around the estuary all the way to Kingsway School.
  • Run back over the little bridge, up Longmore Lane, at the lights turn left onto Millwater Parkway, past the cow fields. 
  • Turn right at the circle onto Silverdale Street and run past the mall, up over the circle past Northern Union and back to the finish line where you started at H1 CrossFit.
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